Transmedia portrait project proposal

I wrote before about how I want to create a transmedia project with other practitioners. I need to act on this ASAP so we can evolve it in time. This si my project proposal I will be posting on forums all over the world to try and create a team…

Project Proposal

•As a group we will decide on a name for the project.

This project is a collaborative trans-media project between a range of creative practitioners who also consider themselves “fans” of Anime and Manga. The project will involve creating a series of characters and getting each practitioner to represent them through their platform. Fan culture is a huge part of J-Culture, rarely do we see an Anime that isn’t a Manga that hasn’t got a range of plush toys and a huge following of cosplayers, thats why this area is considered trans-media. This project comments on this by creating a range of creative artefacts from individuals all over the world that becomes one collaborative project around an invented series of characters.

Practitioners needed:

Artist – Design the Characters, make posters etc.

Writer – Create character profiles.

Product Designer – Design some toys, figureines and other products.

Fashion Designer/ Seamstress – Make the costumes.

Musician – Make a theme song/ character songs.

Voice actors – Create character voices.

Video maker – create some promotional material.

If you are a practitioner I haven’t mentioned feel free to apply and explain how your skill set could work within this project.

I myself am a photographer so would be creating portraits of Cosplayers dressed up as the characters.

How will we do it?

Run a blog – All post our development as we go, including a weekly video diary, and group chat videos. We will all put our work into it and involve the fellow J-Culture fans with this. Utilising the fan community is a key aspect, our ideas on how to do this will grow over time.

What will this project achieve?

It not only allows us to create a project based on our love, but it offers us a chance to grow and build a community and hopefully create an on going project we can work on for years to come. The ideal situation would to hold some sort of exhibition, wether it be online or a physical one. This is a pure fan base project run by fans and for fans, so making money isn’t a priority, but also isn’t off the table.

Obviously this is a collaborative project, so these details can be changed once we have formed a group, it’s a just a basic outline.

If you are interested please email me explaining why you want to be part of this project and your skill sets by Tuesday 1st November, so we can get this started ASAP.

I’m really excited to work with people who share the same passion as me and seeing how our individual skills can create an interesting project.

Now to post it online and see who replies….

9 thoughts on “Transmedia portrait project proposal

  1. I’m in, I’m an avid writer and I’m willing to lend my voice to the characters of the cause 😀

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