Symposium refocusing

I have been really awful at dividing my time between this symposium, Phonar, CUEAFS and #photography. So I have decided, on the advice of graduate student, George Rippon, to make myself a week by week plan, so I can keep track of where I am in terms of progression.

I also want to start taking reading seriously by doing a book a week. Obviously this does not restrict me to just one book but it means I will consume my staple intake of information for the symposium, and by New years I would have read at least 10 relevant books.

Every Sunday night I will do a summary post on my research over the week, then every monday morning I will propose what I will do for the coming week. This may sound a bit regimented  but I feel as though I haven’t done any useful symposium work in a good week or two, which is really bad of me. As it’s a thursday today I will write my proposal for the next weekends worth of work.


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