AMV is short for Anime Music Video. There are hundreds of forums and youtube channels dedicated to AMV’s. Specific genres of anime are usually associated with the equivalent genre of music, and for some reason the majority of an anime’s fan all listen to the same music, but not on purpose. AMV’s are highly regarded as Fan Art the combination of music and the best bits of a show allow the creator to re-write the narrative, they can choose the romantic scenes and pair it with slow music equally they can choose the violent music and scenes, and create a condensed more perfect anime. Here are some examples, I’ve searched for my favourite animes and artists and found these…

I’m tempted to have a go myself, I’ve always wanted to make one and it would be a good way to see who interacts with the video, if anyone, and get there thoughts on this project.

Deadman Wonderland is the best anime in my eye, and it visually stunning, it would be a great AMV to make, and I think I have the perfect song to pair it with. Keep your eyes peeled.

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