‘Train Man’ 2005

Train Man is a film which is supposedly based on a True Story of an Iconic Otaku.The title in Japanese is “Densha Otoku” (Otoku meaning warrior or strong man of the past, playing on the work otaku).

I have always wondered wether it’s even possible to be a true otaku in Britain, people can be obsessed with anime and manga, but this film has shown me that Otaku have limited social skills and thats mainly due to the mass population in Tokyo and the pressures of society to be better than everyone else. But you never know some people might be similar in the UK, it’s my mission to find them.

Possibly my favourite part of the film is when the lead character stands on one platform, alone. On the other platform separated by train tracks stand his online community, the people who have been using forums to communicate with him. A visualisation for his interaction with these people, each platform being the seats they sit in and the dividing train track being the computer screen, separating them yet keeping them together.

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