Reflecting on proposal feedback

Today I received my proposal feedback for my symposium. I want to reflect on this and discuss how I need to move forward.

The main thing that I need to work on it context. Terms like Otaku, Kawaii and Superflat are not commonly known in the UK. If I was researching American photography the words and photographers associated with this would already be known by the audience. However this isn’t the case with Japanese photography, so I will have to provide context during my talk, I was worried about this before because we have been told over and over don not just state what we know. However I have been advised that if I create a whole section based on context rather then briefly mentioning it that would benefit the audience best.

We also spoke about how to cover everything in 10 minutes. The sensible thing to do would be to divide my research into 3 areas. I already have the first one, context. Now it’s working out what the other sections will entail.

I have to think of this like I don;t know anything at all about this subject. After the first section I will know what superflat is and have a knowledge of Takashi Murakami’s theory about Japan taking a child-like position.

The other ideas I’m exploring is photographers who oppose this culture and want to break through. Linking it back to the War it would be interesting to note if these photographers are trying to reach the Pre-war culture of Japan, with a strong identity and quite traditional. Hoever this opens up having to give more context for that area, and by that time my 10 minutes would have disappeared.

I can still explore opposing photographers without delving into the Pre-War aspect.

This is really hard, but it needs to be done so that I can have a basic structure in my head, and start doing relevant interviews depending on the section.

As my research project title (see link bellow) says, I am not exploring if Murakami’s statement is true, rather I am just using that for context. I am exploring contemporary Japanese photography which challenges this Post WWII adolescent culture. So the second section might be a good time to introduce this idea. Which leads to the third section, which would naturally be a summary/conclusion

Section 1 – Context.

Section 2 – Photography as opposition.

Section 3 – Way forward for photography? inc conclusion.

I hope these sections won’t change too much, as I feel I’m past the point of initial research, it just depends wether the photographers I use to oppose all have one specific area. For example a couple look at breaking the sexualisation of young girls which is a massive part of otaku culture. I will aim to stay away from this but I won’t ignore a theme if it keeps on reoccurring.


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