Connecting Artefact to Digital

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from Phonar it’s the power other people can bring to your work. Making a project that is cut off from the world is great for yourself but, work that involves the audience and sharing your work is a tool that should be utilised, especially in the online world.

However with this project I am really struggling to piece this together, I want to produce artefact and yet try and involve my audience in the online world. Is this possible? The element of exchange is key with this project, “if I give you this can I have that”, but another key aspect is the nature of the relationship between convention goers. Often when I meet someone at a con I don’t see them until the next year, but I want to change this, through this project I want to build a community of people I have met so we can discuss things, work together in the future etc.

So how do I connect the Artefact to the Digital world?

Like I said before I could write a link to a webpage on the back and get them to come online and get them to post their image of me. This would be a good way of maintaining the relationship between a personal project as it would be a collection of the people I have met and still let them be active.

The original exchange is happening when we meet. The the secondary exchange happens when they post their image on the blog. Across 2 different platforms we are interacting with each other and almost swapping back our images.

The next issue is what do I get them to write on the polaroid? Is name, location, age relevant? or do I ask for just a link to their cosplay pics? If i asked for just links I will eventually have collected a web of online websites, it will become more than the pictures, it will be a collective of websites and people.

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