What to do?

So, I’ve been advertising the ‘Moe’ project for over 2 weeks now, and still no luck, I have advertised on forums and websites but it seems no one is interested in having their lives displayed on public.

So I have 3 options at the moment, keep on posting online and hope something comes up (not very pro-active to depend on others), ask people face to face when I am at Hyper Japan next week (could work but then leaves me a week to create the whole project), or create another project as a backup.

At the moment creating another project seems like the way forward for me. Not to say I am writing off the ‘Moe’ project but I feel as though a stranger isn’t willing to let me into their lives within the time frame we have. The obvious thing to do is choose someone that I know, but to be honest I don’t know that many hardcore Anime and Manga fans, and the ones I do know I don’t have the contact info for, as we only ever meet at conventions.

Something which I’ve read about cosplayers has always fascinated me, before Facebook they used to take say 20 pictures of them in their favourite cosplay outfit and exchange their images with others at conventions. This has died out because of the access to images on the internet, now cosplayers give each other links to their forum/website/blog which is full of images. I spoke to a few cosplayers online to double check no one exchanges photos anymore. Here is what they had to say.

It seems like people do still exchange photos but online. How can I utilise this without ending up with a bunch of business cards and it being a non-photographic project?

If I wanted the project to be personal and stagnant I could take 10 polaroids of myself in cosplay with a link to a special blog for this project written on the back. I could then ask cosplayers if I could give them my picture in exchange for being able to take and keep a polaroid of them with their website link written on the back. This would be a great project, as over the years I would end up with 100’s of pictures from all over the world of different cosplayers. I wanted to use polaroids because they are physical and are instantaneous so the swap could be made straight away. I love the idea of having a box of pollaroids with website links on the back, but it seems this physical aspect of cosplay has disappeared. To involve the community I could use something like instagram, and a particular hashtag for the project, where cosplayers take a photo of themselves or someone else and use the hashtag to create an online community of photos, but this takes away the element of exchange which is the basis of this project.

I have to make the decision to either keep it a personal, where I end up with a collection of photos or a completely open one which is more about uploading than exchanging.

I love the project idea as creating an artefact, usually I am digitally inclined with projects, but I can go anywhere online and find a platform for sharing cosplay pictures. I think I will stick with it being a personal collection of photos, documenting the people I have met an conventions, because as it will grow it will be more interesting. However I can still create a specific blog for this, come up with a name, and add the blog link to the back of the photos I hand out so the people I met can come online and post a picture of themselves holding the picture of me.

Some more feedback on my idea from the UK cosplay facebook site.

Now for a name so I can get the blog up and running before I go to Hyper Japan in 6 days.

2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. This engagement is all a valid part of the project Daisy – its all good – frustrating maybe but good.

  2. The engagement is great, and I’m learning a lot from it, it’s just within the time frame we have before hand in is it viable to still do the otaku project? I’ll be doing it either way but I need to have something for hand in.

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