Defining ‘Moe’

For the last time I am going to redefine my project, I finally have a doable project, and haven’t had to compromise on the scale of it.
This project aims to tell the story of some of the most interesting hobbyists in the world, Otakus. “Otaku” is a Japanese word that is given to someone who is obsessed, in this case with anime and manga. The aim of my project is to produce a transmedia photofilm which uses images of Otaku’s sanctuaries, most commonly their bedrooms which are smothered in anime merchandise, from all over the world. This is paired with intimate interviews with each individual, providing an insiders outlook onto a culture that is often pre-judged and patronised. The project title is “Moe” [mo-e] which is a term that originated in the early “Otaku” scene, it describes the comfort and warmth felt between a “geek” and their obsession, a non-sexual but very strong relationship between a fictional world and reality.

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