In the exploration of photofilms I couldn’t not look at duckrabbit, a prestigious company who produce short photofilms that don’t use distracting angles and moving image to evoke an image, they rely on the power of the story and the combination of photo’s and audio.

The video above in particular moved me, naturally such an emotional story would hold anyone’s attention but the way duckrabbit have composed the film is stunning and reflects upon the stories emotion. We are never offered the traditional interview scenario, where we watch a subject speak. At times we hear the mother talking but we see her crying, as though she is reflecting in two ways on her experience, both verbally and physically. The way this story is told within such a short amount of time is outstanding, I could have watched an hour long channel 4 documentary and not have been that engaged with the story. I also love the fact there is no narrative voice as such, just text, it made me feel as though I was the one talking to her, the text was entering my mind subliminally and offering me facts, whereas the spoken dialogue was offering me emotion and feeling.

This second video uses similar techniques to tell the story of a Muslim community living in Sweden who feel as though they have become second class and prejudged. The use of images of everyday activities, like school, dancing and playing reinforce the idea that they are normal citizens, there is nothing strange about them.

duckrabbit’s use of still and sound take their work so much further than a slideshow and inform more of a film approach, at times you forget you aren’t watching a moving image.

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