Project Development

It’s 2 weeks until hand in and it’s fair to say my ideas have wavered and changed, I feel as though I jumped into the original idea to quickly, the social group I am dealing with are quite conservative, unless behind a computer screen. Online is their comfort zone, so why not utilise this? I was naive to try and do a face to face UK based project because this is too limiting for my audience, they already have an online community where users from around the world interact, the UK scene is a watered down version of the same in the US and Japan. So I am going to try and get all nationalities involved.

The next thing is the content, as an online project it will consist mostly of people sending me images, as I will not have access to their rooms. However if I was just to collect images of peoples bedrooms it would be like copying and there is no point in that. Getting interviews with the people would really enhance my project, I don’t want to show people this sub culture and immerse them in it with no explanation or reasoning, if I do this I will just isolate the subjects, which is the opposite of my aim.

now I need to think about how will I present this? I could do stills and text or stills and audio but then the viewer has the option not to read the text, and again could enforce prejudice, I am not saying I will stop prejudice, however I will try and limit it as much as possible. One way to do this would be a short film/ documentary, that way the audience are seeing every image, every quote, every story in the way I choose, I can the have more control over the context in which the images are received. I’ve never really been inspired to make anything video based, however I think it is the most appropriate platform for this project, it’s accessible online and it also gives me a sense of control over how the images are read.

Updated schedule:

Wed 21st – Sunday 25th – Write final project statement to send to Otaku. Collect a group of Otaku who are willing to get involved with the project around 8-10. Whilst researching photo film projects and trying to learn about my approach and execution.
Monday 26th – Friday 30th – collect all the images and stories/interviews
Saturday 1st – Tuesday – 4th – decide on final structure of narrative, create video.

Let’s get this ‘Moe’ on the road.

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