Reaching Otaku’s Worldwide

I’ve realised I’ve been so closed minded, trying to do this project in the UK, there is a fan base but compared to Japan/America it’s tiny. The best way to get this project to reach its full potential is to make it an online interactive one, these are some Otaku’s from around the world I have contacted. I need to write a final project brief about what I will do, Skype interviews? Audio? Video?

Here’s a start…

Jonezy – UK –
Sevie – Germany –
Hyougo – Japan –
Mim – Australia –
The bobness – Asia –
Ruki Momoi – Spain –
Yakumo – Holland –
Davao – Phillipeans –
Rayun – Switzerland –
Zh3uS – Singapore –
Wing – Brunei –
Ihatemondays – US –
Kuraikawai – Barcelona –
Chibichibiusa – Canada –

Update 22/11/2012 :

People who have said yes…
Mim – Australia –
Wing – Brunei –
Jonezy – UK –
Rayun – Switzerland –
Ihatemondays – US –

People who have said no…

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