After talking to Jonathan Worth about my project he said it sounds like something that would fit in with 4docs. I have never heard of 4docs before but am interested to see their work.


Unfortunately I cannot embed these video’s so click the image to go to the video.

‘Eric’s secrets’ first appears to be a story about his cooking skills, but as the documentary unwinds we see Eric’s memories through his photographs, it then becomes a more intimate story about his wife’s death. The video does not dwell on her death, it merely states she dies in his arms, then it ends. Leaving me feeling sorry for this man having experienced that and now living by himself.

‘Pockets’ is a quirky video exploring objects in peoples pockets, from young to old, rich to poor, british to korean the video is engaging and interesting.

4docs seem to be very quirky, exploring peoples characters and individuality, perhaps this is why Jonathan Worth pointed me towards it, I am exploring a very exotic subject nature, both videos approach it in a very comforting way, without using a direct author. Which I keep on seeing within these kinds of videos, maybe using someones voice disjoins the viewer from the subject because a middle person is added.

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