My project is at the point now where I need to start making the videos, and to do this I have got 3 interviews lined up over the next 2 days. These are the people I will be interviewing, and some interesting points I think of when seeing their images.


What first struck me about Wing’s rom is the organisation and care put into it, In the top image the figurines are colour coded according to the wall art, reds on the left, green in the middle and blue on the right. This is obviously a place wing treasures and puts a lot of time and effort into.


Whilst Mims room may not be as structurally designed around her figurines she shure does have a lot of them. From *Chibi’s to exact replicas.

*Chibi – Chibi is a negative word for a short person in Japanese, however in the world of anime chibi describes something small and cute. For example in the image above these characters look different in the anime, these figures are chibi versions, small and cute, almost baby-like. Consisting mainly of female characters it would be interesting why Mim has chosen to do this.


Jonezy’s room might not be as full or overbearing as other Otaku’s room but let me assure you his passion is there.

It’s time to start thinking up some questions, somr which I will ask all participants and then more specific ones.

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