Intro video

The font I choose for this photofilm will have a huge impact on the way it’s read by the audience.

The third one seems to stand out to me the most, it’s not to stylised but is still strong enough to enforce certain words. I will start with this one and see how the video runs.

I also want to think of more visually stimulating ways to show some of my points, for example instead of have the number 2 million on the screen when I talk about online forum users, why don’t I have a grid of peoples avatars? Evidencing my point rather than just stating it.

After a quick root around I’ve created this, which consists of Avatars from the site I have used to find my Otaku’s.

It even includes my own avatar 🙂

For the script of this video I want to incorporate my “pitch” but it needs rewriting with a short description about what Otaku means.

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