Name: Jonezy

See Jonezy’s room here…

Age: 21

Gender: Male
Town and Country of Birth: England – Trowbridge
Current Location, Town and Country: England – Trowbridge

Favourite Anime & Manga: Anime – Toradora, Manga – Bakuman
Favourite Character: Hard choice between Yui Hirasawa or Nanba Mutta but I’ll have to go with Mutta-Kun : D

Bakuman Manga Review

Nanba Mutta

Mutta Nanba (南波 六太)Birth date: October 28, 1993.
He went to work for a car design company after graduation. When a manager insulted his younger brother, he gave him a head butt and was fired. After he gets a message from Hibito, he decides to try and become an astronaut.



Jonezy’s Interactions online.
I’m learning a lot from looking at comments under each Otaku’s work, they tend to reveal a lot about themselves.

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 13.25.52

Screen Shot 2012-11-30 at 13.26.32

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