3 points

These were my previous point, I worte a week or so ago.

Section 1 – Context.
Section 2 – Photography as opposition.
Section 3 – Way forward for photography? inc conclusion.

Looking at them again they need a lot of work. Why jump straight into opposition? Superflat is about consumerism, it’s interesting that there is no place for photography apart from in commercialism, this is a whole topic on it’s own and is something I can debate rather than just stating it as fact.

Section 1 – Context –
Japanese popular culture as a result of America’s Suppression.
Section 2 – Only place for photography is in consumerism?
Section 3 – Opposition

Photographers opposing this, 4th look- making society question it’s position.

This is the structure I will start off with today, but I’m sure it will shift and change as I go on, by the end of today I will have my 3 final points.

2PM update:

More changes, after watching the Channel Four video of Murakami’s work I have realised that this whole time I have been missing the point of superflat, it uses Kawaii aesthetics, so stupidly I assumed it should go into the context section, when it really opposes the way Japanese culture is, it’s ironic, and this is something I should explore.

Section 1 – Context (still key to explain)
Otaku & Kawaii culture – reaction to America’s dominance. (Key to point out I am using Japanese culture as a specific example, as its the most exaggerated example. Also key to define photography as art.)
Section 2 – Photography’s role in this culture. Consumerism.
Art & photography that makes us question society and ourselves, either ironically or directly.
Section 3 – New breed of photographers, trying to regain the boundaries between art and consumerism
My opinion in regard to Japanese culture, Arts role as the questioner, the thought provoker and the challenger.
Section 4 – Summary

The good thing about these new headers is that I can see some sort of debate appearing, rather than just stating facts which is what was happening before.

I have rewritten my question as I feel it needed rewording.

An examination of Contemporary (1980-2012) Photography’s role within Japan’s Post-WWII adolescent consumerist culture.

I want to break down my question into the sections, so that I know my question covers everything I will be looking at. The colours in the question represent the different areas above. It seems quite balanced, I cannot include my answer in the question so there is no indication into section 4. There is a lot of context provided but that is the key point of the title, provide a brief sentence that informs the audience. Words like exploration and challenges give an insight into the type of work I will be exploring.

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