Consumerist photography in Japan

M-A-C X Hello Kitty by Nick Knight
Prestigious fashion photographer Nick Knight was commissioned to shoot the collaboration of makeup company MAC and Hello Kitty.


Giampaolo Sgura for Japanese Vogue

With intentional references to Otaku culture, the attractive models pose by vending machines, at arcades, and at stalls. Presumably in Akihabra.*djgqGgNrSZpkgJvUhgVSVTys2WQ1rcYdgA5lNwGqQhXpXpfTfbHTe-WDokM3pVQFBWZ2PtTQju4gjDczOHBtW/GiampaoloSgura12.jpeg*gR5EkvqYk0p9YL6yHnZd7Rsu3LruiLTU*Oy3/GiampaoloSgura7.jpeg*kr9b2MEfM3ZNzjNtA9PnR*OhDoToQgvI1xPizQcniUS9ABBLIxpwKh5DYJ8U*oWf9QIiar6aR5Vp/GiampaoloSgura6.jpeg


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