Project Pitch

Otaku – An anime and manga obsessive who invests all of their time and money into their hobby.

Taichi Takashita, the man who tried to marry anime character, Mikuru Asahina. OTAKU.
The 1000 people who signed his petition to legalise human and 2D character marriage. OTAKU.
Tsutomu Miyazaki, the man who killed and mutilated the corpses of 4 young girls in Tokyo. OTAKU.

But this isn’t the whole story. What about the millions self proclaimed Otaku’s online?
Are they all the childish, psychologically disturbed obsessives we see on TV?

My opinion? No.

‘Moe’ is my series of photofilms that interact with Otaku’s around the world and give them a platform to tell their side of the story, un-judged.

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