The music I use to accompany my video can change everything, I know I want something quite serious and punchy, as it will reinforce the visual impact too. It’s important to make sure I have the artists consent too, Phonar has opened up my eyes to the importance of Creative Commons and the usefulness of the website. The website has a list of reliable music websites which feature only creative commons work.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 17.30.54

After a stroll around these sites I’ve found some great songs which might fit nicely with my video, they each evoke different emotions, and I think a serious approach would be best but I want to experiment. These are the songs I have.

I feel as though 8bit might work quite well, Otaku’s play a lot of computer games so using that sort of music might compliment it quite well. Even if not for the opening video. Maybe for their interviews.

All of these songs are CC’d and I will credit whichever music I use in the end credits.

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