foto8 talks to Phonar

  1. DaisyWareJarret
    The photo stories are always about the story, and not about the language of the photography. @foto8 #phonar
  2. DaisyWareJarret
    It’s using picture to tell the story, not for you to admire the beauty of the picturess. Jon Levy on Poppy @foto8 #phonar
  3. DaisyWareJarret
    Poppy disarms the reader. It goes against the grain of photobooks. @foto8 #phonar
  4. DaisyWareJarret
    the whole thing was a collecting process, and expedition if you like. Over 20 years. The book was the solution rather than the goal. #phonar
  5. DaisyWareJarret
    Raw nature of telling stories, not trying to impress you, just taking you on their trail. Which is hugely illuminating. @foto8 #phonar
  6. RRAlexi
    #phonar there is nothing broken about the language of photography
  7. DaisyWareJarret
    the only things you need are a notepad your camera and an inquisitive mind. @foto8 Jon Levy for #phonar on documentary photography
    #CUEAFSmas is here! Our screening of “Starry Starry Night” starts at 5PM today, but do show up early for a sure seat. See you all there!
  9. JackSomerset
    #phonar you’ve frozen actually, but i can still hear you which is the most important thing.
  10. Seancarroll7789
    #phonar ‘Simon Norfolk uses beauty to suck people in’
  11. DaisyWareJarret
    you have to love or hate the subject matter to evoke a feeling. @foto8 #phonar
  12. DaisyWareJarret
    I would encourage people to find the things they are drawn to and be undemanding of what other people will give you. @foto8 #phonar
  13. Jonathan_Worth
    “Do the stories you wish someone else had done but didn’t” Jon Levy #phonar
  14. DaisyWareJarret
    start with the story, then add the ingredients because the story asked for it not because you want it to be transmedia. #phonar @photo8
  15. DaisyWareJarret
    you could be telling the story of a granny in her front room, and a tape might be the best way to do that. @foto8 #phonar

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