Project adaption and specification

I realised whilst trying to write new questions I had completely diverted from the projects original intent. Sanctuaries. I am only using images of peoples bedrooms, so why would I try and make a film about their whole lives as fans? That’s stupid. I originally wanted to explore the notion of a Sanctuary, a room filled with objects that people escape to. So I think with a quick rewording of my questions and organising some second interviews I can re-focus this project so that it has more of a specific aim.

I now don’t feel as thought the title ‘Moe’ is appropriate, however I aim to do a lot of pieces on Otaku’s over the years. ‘Moe’ would be a good title for all of these projects together, a collective of projects with one overriding title called ‘Moe’. Otaku Sanctuaries would be a sub-project of Moe.

Moe is a collection of photo projects which explore the exotic and exciting individuals active within the J-Culture fan scene, from an insiders perspective.

Otaku Sanctuaries – Part of the ‘Moe’ project, ‘Otaku Sanctuaries’ is a series of photo films which give an insight into fans most sacred place. Their Otaku rooms. Sometimes whole houses, others just their bedroom. Each fan submerges their room in figurines, posters and memorabilia.

This also means the opening video I spent 3 days making needs changing. By all means I will keep this video as a visual explanation of ‘MOE’ it just means the project description at the end needs rewriting.

This means the original project, following Otakus round for a day, and other projects I have started, the fanart original characters, the polaroid project and weekend heroes can all be part of one overriding project that explores this unique fan culture.

New script:

Otaku Sanctuaries (A ‘Moe’ project)

For most people their bedroom is the place they sleep, they work, they watch TV. But for a particular kind of fan, it’s a lot more. It is their sanctuary. 4 walls in which they are allowed to be as expressive as they want, wether it be through collecting figurines, posters, plushies, wall scrolls, drawings, manga. Each fan is obsessed with different aspects and reflects these through their posessions, these photofilms explore the rooms of Otaku’s from every continent.

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