Thinking about my questions

So I have my last interview with an Otaku before hand in today. And I really want to think about the questions I’ve asked before because although they worked really well I need to be more specific to each individual. My interview is with Wing, here are some images of his room and some basic info he sent me.

Age: 24
Gender: Male
Town and Country of Birth: Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam
Current Location, Town and Country: Currently in London, England
Favourite Anime & Manga: Clannad and Natsume Yujinchou
Favourite Character: Fujibayashi Kyou (Clannad) and Nyanko Sensei (Natsume)

2 things to note about Wing’s room, the first there is literally nothing else other than Otaku stuff, it’s obviously life consuming to him. The second is the care put into his sanctuary, special lighting and cabinets as well as colour ordered posters and figurines.

I feel with the last 2 interviews I didn’t focus on the sanctuary enough, seeing as that was the basis of the project, and the reason I’m doing photo films about their rooms rather than their lives. Thinking about it maybe I need to reword my project title and pitch. Make it more specific to the idea of a sanctuary.

Project title, Otaku Sanctuary (a sub-genre of ‘moe’. That way I can still do other work on Otaku, all under one project.)

And rather than giving Otaku’s a chance to tell me their stories about their obsessions, I want to explore the sanctuaries they live in, the care, time and comfort it brings them.

Old Questions:

Digging deeper into their relationship with characters…

-Could you talk me through your first interaction with Japanese culture, if you can remember it.
-What is it about anime or manga that draws you in?
-Which anime/manga do you love and why…
-Does the majority of attention go into this hobby?
-Would you say your obsession is healthy?
– What do you personally gain from putting this much time and attention into collecting figures and watching anime?
– One thing I think people don’t understand is the difference between Hentai and Anime, the posters on your wall are ”panty shots” could you describe why you chose to put these particular posters on your wall?


-What’s the fan base like where you are from?
-Do you attend any conventions? If so do you go alone or have friends to go with?
-How important is the Online Otaku community for you?


-Have you ever experienced prejudice as an Otaku?
-Why do you think “outsiders” can’t grasp the idea of Otaku?
-Does is ever upset you that you can’t be 100% open with people about the area you love so much?
-Can you describe the feeling you get when you meet another Otaku who likes similar anime randomly?

– Could you explain your life outside of your Otaku Sanctuary? What do you do day to day?
– Do you have friends or family who aren’t aware of your love for Anime?
(If so) Why do you keep it from them?

New questions:
-I want to talk about the idea of the Sanctuary now, my bedroom is very much my place, I come to watch anime and read manga, I rarely do it anywhere else. Do you see your room in the same way or does your interaction with anime go beyond the four walls?
– Why is it so important to you to have all these objects on display in your room?
– How much money have you spent doing up your room?
– Does the decor spread through your whole house or just limit to one room? why?
-Could you talk to us about some of your figurines, whats the story behind them? do you have one favourite?
-Do you feel a connection/ emotionally attached with any of your figurines?
– Can you tell me about your most treasured object in your room.
– Can you explain your interaction with this room? do you sleep in it? do you eat in it? or is it just for Otaku related activities?
– You obviously have a lot of care for the objects in your room, everything has it’s place.

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