Sanctuary questions

Since refocusing the project towards Sanctuaries I’ve decided to come up with more specific questions to ask, and divided them into categories. I think I need to give myself more structure when interviewing people, it’s so hard not to go off in a tangent and start talking about about what myself and the subject have in common because we both rarely get a chance to talk about it. So I need more of a structure, I can get a lot of good things from Jonezy’s interview but I waffled on too much about what I like etc.

I posted before about tackling this subject as a modern religion, popular culture, sanctuaries and obsession. A good way to think up questions would to be think about what I would ask any obsessive, not just anime, but religious too. What kind of things do I want to know about why they choose to collect a put so many physical objects on display


Figurines/ Dolls
Roughly how many figurines would you say you have?
How long have you been collecting for?
What is it about figurines you love so much?
What to do they represent to you?
Have you got multiple figures of any one character? why?
Are they toys or something else?
Can you talk me through your favourite figure.
Why do you think they hold so much sentiment?

Framed? why do you want to preserve them?
Why is it so important to have your walls covered in these characters?
Panty shot specifics:
Why these posters?
Do you get aroused by them?
Is it any different to mean having page 3 girls next to their bed?

Talk me through the layout.
Take a lot of effort getting special lighting and cabinets. Why?
(if colour coded) Why is it so important for it to be so organised?
Reminds me of walking into a devout Catholics rooms, covered in figures and images of deities. What do think about this comparison?

Does your collection only reside in this room or is it throughout the house?
Why?/ Why not?
Is it your place to escape/ immerse yourself in this fantasy world?
How does it make you feel when someone else comes into your sanctuary?

Computer/ Desk
The center of your room?
Main port of fan interaction?

How much money?
How time consuming?
Do you consider it a religious hobby? time consuming?
You put a lot of dedication into creating your sanctuary. What does it give back to you?

Why do you think you feel such an attachment to these characters/ anime in general that you have dedicated a whole room to it?
Would you say your room is like a shrine?
How often to you come into this room?
Would you eat in it? (if not why not)

Do you use anime as an escape?
What reoccurring themes do you notice in anime you watch?
Why do you think you are drawn to those themes?



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