To do…

This new approach means everything needs changing, and within a short amount of time.

Pink= completion date & time
Problems = date & time

I need to…
Interview Wing with new questions [9/12/2012 @ 15:16]
– Send Mim new questions [9/10/2012 @ 15:20]
– Interview Jonezy again with new questions. He cannot do any day before wednesday, going to just use Wing’s interview as my official hand in.
– Upload Wing’s full interview. [9/12/2012 @ 16:00]
– Research documentaries/ films on religious art/ pop culture as new religion.
– Rethink the opening video. Use hymn music instead of normal music. Make the religious connection. (start out with just the word sanctuary, what does it mean? use the imagery of religion to support my interpretation. Then relate this to fandom. Obsession… exclusive access into the sanctuaries of fans all over the world)
– Make Mim’s PDF interview (wasn’t comfortable speaking to will do text and photos)
– Go through Wing’s interview, establish key points, create story from them and edit the video.
– Do the same as above but with Joneszy’s interview.

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