The minutes of Wing’s interview

Before I start trying to compile a narrative I thought it would be best to write down the minutes of the interview, get each key point down so I can turn my 1 hour interview into a 3-4 min video.

1:15 –  collecting for 4 years

1:30 – cost

1:53 – like anime since 9 years old

2:15 – shelves and aesthetically appeal

2:50 – at the start just figures from stuff I liked

3:35 – get figures from anime i like, now i get pretty ones

3:50 – 2 of the same figures in different colours

4:30 – don’t regard them as toys

4:42 – they are figures or statues, they aren’t something you play with. Some people collect crystals…

5:24 – I only go back twice a year.

5:33 – my collections are in bursts

5:45 – favourite figure

6:34 – if it’s in my display cabinet they are the priority

6:53 – if they are under light they are special

7:10 – go back each time I graduate, each figure always reminds me of a time i accomplished something

8:05 – each figure reminds me i got my masters.. i can reflect on that

8:24 – posters – framed – it leaves a mark on the poster, in brunei, very humid, makes the paper crinkle

9:50 – If i like something I do it to the max, i rotate, I play to the max for a month, I get sick of it.

10:18 – for a few months I won’t collect anything then I go crazy

10:42 – thats the Japanese way, do one thing and do it well – food example

11:37 – I go out with friends a lot of time, I don’t tweet, it’s face to face contact with my friends.

13:00 – financial situation
13:35 – it’s something I only do for 2 months a year, the rest of the year I am studying.

14:15 – my room is my escape, doing law, such a serious profession, need something not so serious to escape too.

14:50 – they remind me of good memories.

15:21 – 2 rooms, bedroom and lea sure room. Always like displaying stuff.

16:03 – Where I sleep is where I study, I keep it separate. It would be a lie to separate that part of your life, but it doesn’t need to be.

17:43 – I wouldn’t call it a shrine, I think it’s a sanctuary, it’s a retreat. It’s very private to me, not something I show to anybody. Private Hobby.

18:30 – I choose quite wisely who I trust (in my room).

19:55 – when I get back to my home country, I will spend more time.

20:15 – no more space, when would I put new things.
21:07  – collage effect, shouldn’t stuff everything together. Do not get time to shine.
21:40 – so much effort in each figure, should do it justice.

22:40 – I love all of the figures I have, I don’t regret buying any of them

23:08 – I can always use another room. I think I should contain it to this room so I don’t go haywire.

23:55 – the good thing about shelves, you can always change them

24:21 – Sometimes I find it hard to balance my study and my hobby. What makes it different from any other hobby? Camera’s Stamps. Why is anime different.

25:28 – panty shots – hardly anything sexual in my room.

26:30 – my room must be friendly, don’t want to make it awkward for them. Also have female muslim friends.

27:53 – Warm lighting

18:15 – middle shelf lighting.

18:46 – Lights in wood, side of room. almost everything is DIY

30:14 – 5 hours a day just contemplating the rooms layout.

30:38 – figures, height symmetrical

31:04 – they all have wings, three green in the middle and 2 blue on the outside.

31:53 – top left, girls in futuristic anime.

32:04 – try my best to colour code everything.

32:10 – black and white shelf, mute colours

32:30 – light amplifies colours,

33:43 – display cabinet, blue lights, matches the TV wallpaper, warm & rustic, have the neon blue to balance it out.

35:46 – self reward, makes you happy, mostly for your own pleasure.

36:00 – it’s all about balance

36:27 – in the future I will not have as much time any more, very time consuming

36:55 – even when I’m in England now, when I’m stressed I go online and shop for a new figure, I think about it, temporarily escape.

37:34 – productive procrastination, it’s justified, this is not productive procrastination, it’s just escaping.

38:27 – ebay –

39:35 – I went to Japan, to stock up, figures, get second hand, it’s worth going to Japan and buying in bulk.

41:00 – After I graduate I’m going back to Japan,

42:40 – you find some hidden treasure, the art of finding it adds more meaning. If you buy online it feels very generic.

43:07 – everything adds meaning, nothing is purely on the aesthetic front. The majority of the pleasure comes from a happy memory. Or my friends.

43:50 – no bad memories attached to this hobby,

44:00 – social situations – helpful. Be careful of who you reveal your hobby to. Judge who’s son likes anime.

46:26 – I miss my room looking at pictures.

The last 10 mins is just us talking about our likes and dislikes.


To me the key section is where he talks through the attention to detail in his room. I think a lot of the beginning and end needs to be cut out.

It might be nice to start with some stats. I.E. 150 figures at £50 each.

Open it up by showing his dedication to his room. I buy figures from Japan etc.

Then hit with the idea of sanctuary. Private room, I can escape the pressures from.

More details about his use of colour and lighting, dedication.

Compare it to other hobbies, his description of productive procrastination. Normalise it, why is it different from anyone else hobby?

Then go into the more comforting side, reminds me of good times. No bad memories attached to this hobby.

The the future of his hobby, limiting? more rooms.

And finish with his statement about missing his room and going home.

I think this structure will change a lot but it’s the kind of thing that needs to be tried out, I don;t want to over think and complicate things.

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