Mim’s interview take 2

I sent Mim the new questions and he replied straight away.

Mim was the person not comfortable with audio or visual interview so we did a written one instead. I am unsure what I am going to do with this yet. It would be hard to turn it into an audio/ visual thing because the answers are so direct. (Through no fault of Mim however, that’s just how everyone replies to written questions). In my eyes I have 2 choices, create a PDF for people to read or still create the video but just using images and text.

Figurines/ Dolls
Roughly how many figurines would you say you have? 300 full size Nenoroid’s (I have all of them) and around a 100 others.

How long have you been collecting for? Since about the age of 10.

What is it about figurines you love so much? Their design / sculpt

What to do they represent to you? A visual reminder of how much I love my hobby

Have you got multiple figures of any one character? why? Yes. Primarily due to loving the associated anime.

Are they toys or something else? To me everything is a toy ie computers, cars, phone’s etc.

Can you talk me through your favourite figure. Hmm hard to pick just one, but I rather like my Masane from Witchblade by Alter. It’s of her final powered up form, which this nice blog reviews http://www.bentandroid.com/figures/witchblades-masane-amaha-power-up-ver-by-alter/

The sculpt beautifully captures a sexually charged almost animalistic quality that oozes danger. The quality of sculpt, pose and paint finish is of a standard I have rarely encountered or seen since.

Why do you think they hold so much sentiment? They serve to trigger memories that relate to their respective anime’s.

Framed? why do you want to preserve them? I have only framed one. It’s a poster inserted into one of Japan’s Wonder festival show bag’s from a year or two back and showed the 100 Figma’s on one side and 150 Nendo’s on the other that had been released by that time. I went to quite some effort (and expense) to obtain something so obscure, due to my love of Nendo’s. As a result I wanted to protect and properly present such a treasure appropriately.

Why is it so important to have your walls covered in these characters? Balance would you believe. Having all my figures in one or two large cases left the rest of the room looking a little bare so I found silk wall scrolls looked clean and fit my desire for a professional looking collection.

Panty shot specifics:
Why these posters? Another way to portray a character I like.

Do you get aroused by them? Perhaps on some subconscious level.

Is it any different to mean having page 3 girls next to their bed? Yes. I don’t view them in an exclusively sexual way. I just like seeing a character I like from their respective Anime.

Talk me through the layout.

Take a lot of effort getting special lighting and cabinets. Why? I have long aspired to own a clean and professional looking room.

(if colour coded) Why is it so important for it to be so organised? A matter of personal taste and values.

Reminds me of walking into a devout Catholics rooms, covered in figures and images of deities. What do think about this comparison? Everyone has different values in life 😉


Does your collection only reside in this room or is it throughout the house? Aside from a few wall scrolls, that crept outside, its mostly in my room. Some merchandise has made it to my desk at work though.

Why?/ Why not? Shared living space so I feel the need to restrain my hobby so some degree.

Is it your place to escape/ immerse yourself in this fantasy world? Never really thought about it that way to be honest. The collection is simply something that gradually grew.

How does it make you feel when someone else comes into your sanctuary? Happy if it excites them in a fan kind of way.

Computer/ Desk
The center of your room? Very much so.

Main port of fan interaction? One but not the only.

How much money? Too much (sigh)

How time consuming? My hobby takes up a large amount if my relaxation time.

Do you consider it a religious hobby? time consuming? Not any more than the average person views watching television.

You put a lot of dedication into creating your sanctuary. What does it give back to you? A warm fuzzy feeling from time to time. It’s very much a psychologically cathartic experience.


Why do you think you feel such an attachment to these characters/ anime in general that you have dedicated a whole room to it? It’s simply my own values and interests in life. Much like how sports fanatic’s collect and display sports memorabilia.

Would you say your room is like a shrine? Hmm my perception of a shrine would be the singular dedication to one specific deity, character or show so no.

How often to you come into this room? It’s my bedroom and primary entertainment hub so it is (by de facto) kind of hard not to spend a lot of time in as a result.

Would you eat in it? (if not why not) I rarely do. I generally eat pretty healthy and don’t like snacking much.


Do you use anime as an escape? I don’t watch TV – period – and have not done so for a solid 10 years or so now. Anime is simply my preferred form of entertainment.

What reoccurring themes do you notice in anime you watch? I’ve watched just about everything worth watching in the last 30 years. Most tend to fall into the same pretty predictable genre templates like robot, action, drama, relationship etc so it’s hard to find something truly original these days.

Why do you think you are drawn to those themes? Depends on my mood. I like a good comedy now and then and other times I like something a little more action packed or suspense driven.


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