Final pieces

I’ve made a conscious effort to keep each person annoymous, other than their avatar and forum name. The hope is that my doing this I won’t spark prejudice, no one knows if they are a teenage girl or a 40 year old man, to me and to the rest of the fan community, that doesn’t matter. The only feeling I am trying to evoke is comfort and love. I know it works on myself because it makes me smile watching the videos, but that could be because of my already established links with figures. I chose to add subtitles to Wing’s video because I felt the skype audio would be inconsistent not only in this video but in future ones, it also builds the bridge between video’s like Mim’s which are purely text.

I edited Wing’s in a way that focused on the amount of time and effort fans put into giving their figures the attention they deserve.

Mim’s was edited to generally explore the feeling the hobby can give you and reflect on the positive aspects rather than the negative ones we see in the media.

you can also see the videos in my projects.

4 thoughts on “Final pieces

  1. An interesting insight into a world i know nothing about. Could easily say this as a channel 4 documentary. Very informative and an interesting perspective from the users instead of onlooking haters

  2. you already know how much i love this project its fantastic. I like that one has audio and one doesn’t i think works really well, i dunno if it would work but how cool would it have been to have Japanese subtitles? I think it really would have brought the videos home, but it still works with out. I look forward to seeing more of these videos even though im gutted i never saw any sailor moon heart = broken haha! really good!! x

  3. very interesting Daisy. It’s a subject I am unfamiliar with and it intrigued me into this side of anime. Your choice of music worked well. The instumentals added a sense of unease, but not in a bad way. Very much a sense of discovery. Would say edit the second video with the subtitles a little slower and so they fade in and out otherwise it does distract the viewer from the images. But Overall great work. ONE POUND FISH.

  4. Good stuff Daisy, i found that the one with the Audio really took me in, i loved how he was talking so passionately, he was making me see his way of arranging! The one without the Audio worked in a different way but was still as effective! there was a different Dynamic when you had to read it yourself , it almost made you put your own voice on it, like you could put yourself into that situation. Great work Daisy, i look forward to seeing more!

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