Edward W. Said continued

Chapter 1.
IV. Crisis

pp 49 – pp 73

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Other peoples References & theories

“to apply what one learns out of a book literally to reality is to risk folly or ruin.” pp93

“Once we begin to think of Orientalism as a kind of Western projection onto and will to govern over the Orient, we will encounter few surprises” pp95

I thought this chapter would be the most relevant to me. However this chapter just seems to further discuss the different meanings of Orientalism. This is becoming quite destracting, I want to read about Edward W.Said’s take on Orientalism rather than all the others. My aim isn’t to discuss what Orientalism is, it’s to gain an understanding of how the West has a limited view of Oriental culture and establish myself within Said’s ideas. From now on I need to be even more selective about what I am reading and noting.

After readin the rest of this chapter I have decided it isn’t relevant to my work. So I will move on to the concluding chapter.

Again, it’s not relevant, the chapter talks about image representation in the west, which is ideal, but it focuses on “The Arab” which is an entirely different culture to Japan. It would be unfair of me to assume the middle east and east asia have the same representations. I have found the introduction of this book to be helpful. However it has been quite distracting and whilst I have gained some quotes and it has opened up my mind to my stand point not much else has happened.

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