To do list

The Christmas season has been filled with distraction and i have not been as focussed as I would like. It’s now time to buckle down again and get on with the Symposium. This is the list I have created of things to do before I can start pulling together some sort of presentation.

Section 1…

– Read up on Westerns views of the Orient [X]
– Research into Japans Adolescent Culture [X]
– Read up on the representation of women in Anime/Manga & how this effects Advertising. (Looking back on this, it’s way too narrow, I need to look at the relationships between popular culture and advertising in general then appropriate it rather than just find someone elses argument and copy it.)
-Contact Japanese student about famous advertisements in Japan. / Famous commercial photos.

Section 2… (With focus on sex sells and the feminine influenced by manga)

– Read up on photography and consumerism in Japan
– Analysis on adverts. Essay on this and analysing my own.
– Find existing theories on advertising and consumerism,

Section 3…

-Research Activism photography
-Contact Adam Favell
-Read more on the 4th look
-More “Bye Bye Kitty” research until I am 100% confident talking about it without notes.
-Interview Adam Favell

– Finalise selection of Artists
– Finalise sections and content
– Find a blogger/photographer in Japan to use images in presentation. If not find CC image website.
– Finalise theories and appropriate them (if not done already)

It’s a pretty hefty list but I guess the sensible thing to do would be to start from the top and work my way down.

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