Cuties in Japan by Sharon Kinsella

Cuties in Japan

by Sharon Kinsella

This text was referenced in Emily Jane Wakelings writing “Girls are dancin“. In that text Kinsella’s writing is reference in relation to “Kawaii style, mentioned briefly above, has been analysed as a female-centred rejection of adulthood.” I intend to explore this, it is an area I am already aware of, however for academic reasons it would be good to read other peoples take on the idea, and see if their are any key quotes that could be used within my presentation.

Word definition( Collins English Dictionary)
Quotes are screen grabs from the document.
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Other peoples References & theories


pp221 This is the first time I’ve seen an argument which opposes Murakami’s idea that kawaii is a reaction to the war.

Cute handwriting and slag

After reading chapters titled, Cute goods, Cute food, Cute, clothes it seems that this article is the go to place in describing Kawaii culture. However I don’t want to get to carried away with this as I have to define the culture within minutes, I don’t have time to explore each avenue. I know in the future if I need to know anything about cute culture to come back to this article, but unless that time comes it is not relevant.

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