Miwa Yanagi

I have mentioned Miwa Yanagi’s work a lot but never looked at it as a collective. So this is a post to contain it all, pick her most relevant series and find analysis and interpretations of her work.

Elevator Girl

The White Casket(4pieces) 1994
Aquajenne in Paradise Ⅱ 1995
A Transient World 2F 1997
Before and After a Dream 1997
Elevator Girl House B4 1998

See the full series here… http://www.yanagimiwa.net/e/elevator/index.html

The previous series, Elevator Girls, shows identically clothed female models, mostly posing in groups in a half-fictional, urban architecture whose anonymity and exchangeability corresponds to the situation of the protagonists. According to Miwa Yanagi, the photos of this series “are about myself as well as other Japanese women. When I started the series, I was working as a teacher after graduating from university. Back then, I strongly felt that I was just playing a role in a standardized society, having a particular occupation in a particular setting. I did not work as an elevator girl literally, but the idea resonated in me in a symbolic way.”

– http://www.deutsche-guggenheim.de/e/ausstellungen-yanagi01.php

The whole time I have been researching this project I have pictured the series Elevator Girl as being part of it, however I don’t think it corresponds with the link to cute culture, this series is more about women in the work place, and whilst interesting I think the series would be distracting. I am determined to remain focussed on one area. Her Grandmother series seems to be more appropriate for the discussion of consumption and cute culture.

My Grandmothers

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 13.39.32
Screen grab from ‘My Grandmothers’ website
MINAMI. 2000
HIROKO. 2001
MIKA. 2001
HYONEE. 2007

This series explores how young women see their lives in 50 years in the role of the grandmother. As you can see none of the images depict “traditional” family depiction’s. Rarely do the scenarios involve any children or grandchildren. This comments on the future for a generation thats grown up with consumerism and sex a common theme throughout the images. Pop culture is synonymous within the series, being on TV, being a model owning a theme park are all ambitions for these young women.

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