Exploring the tension

I’ve been reading through my Symposium structures document, and have notice a problem. As is stands my structure is set into rigid sections. Separating consumerism and activism.

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 14.13.05

But I am meant to be exploring the tension between them, tension cannot be systematically talked about, it’s chaotic and it’s passionate. SO instead of listing all the consumerism pieces and then the activism pieces I want to merge them together. For example I could start with Richard Prince and murakami’s cover photo then contradict it with Makoto Aida’s photos which highlight the sexual identity with anime characters, or Mariko Mori’s ‘Love hotel’ which depicts an adolescent girl spread on a bed. This is s system I need to work out by the end of the day. Ot link Aida’s work to the hello kitty adverts diretly through Bye Bye Kitty. This would allow me to focus more on the tension.

On second though, unless if I have photographers work that directly tackles one advert this would be pointless. Mori’s work was made nearly 20 years before the murakmi’s front cover photo for POP magazine. So stating Mori’s is a reaction to this would be pointless and a lie. Yes they correlate and have similar themes being explored with different opinion in mind, but this does not need to be described in detail to the audience, my theories and explanations should be clear enough so single comparisons don’t need to be made.

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