Advertising and Popular culture: 1.Energisers

Advertising and Popular Culture by Jib Fowles

1. Energisers


Word definition( Collins English Dictionary)
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Other peoples References & theories

Popular Culture and Advertising Contrasted (p9-p17)

Chandra Mukerji and Michael Schudson (1992) – “popular culture refers to the beliefs and practices, and the objects through which they are organised, that are widely shared among a popultion” p10

John Storey 1993 “Ultimately, I have argued that popular culture is what we make out of the products and practices of mass-culture” p10

“Popular culture typically elicits pleasurable sensations upon reception; this pleasure-giving feature is a centeral aspect of the popular culture experience, an aspect to be underscored.” p10

First order = initial communication. no change just maintenance.
Second order = purchasing. Aims to change behaviour.
Popular culture = First order.
Advertising = First and second order.

This book seems to do as it says on the tin, after reading countless books which have misleading chapter titles and don’t get to the point this book is clear from the titles right through to the chapter end. This chapter was defining the different between popular culture, interesting to read but I don’t want to dwell on it too much, I already know they are different things. A nice chapter for background reading but nothing relevant to put into the symposium.

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