Advertising and Popular culture by Jib Fowles

Realising I have avoided research on consumerism I did a hunt for a book relating advertising and popular culture. And cam across Jib Fowles book “Advertising and Popular Culture”.


I am particularly interested in the chapters.

1. Energisers

‘Popular Culture and Advertising Contrasted’

2. Origins

‘Popular culture joins advertising’

3. Flagrant Criticisms

‘The critique of Popular Culture’

‘The Critique of Advertising’

‘Analysing the critiques’

6. Exchanges

‘Advertising Overtakes Popular Culture?’

10. The project of the self

‘Gender in the media’

‘Using Gender Portrayals’

It seems like this book could hold a lot of key information and points for me to consider and appropriate. Within the next few days I aim to read through all of these chapters (each is only about 10 pages long) and critique it’s point, pull out key points and make a summary of the books information. Once each section has been analysed I will hyperlink the titles above.

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