Symposium Imagery

I feel my symposium is strong, I am at a point where I feel confident. I am getting feedback on monday so it will change between now and the symposium but I want to start focussing on the visual element. Pictures to use. I will be using quite a lot of images to support findings, especially in the context section which is key to teaching the audience about Japanese popular culture. I will go through my symposium as it stands and find imagery that I think support it. All my imagery will be found online, I will make sure to sue work that has CC-BY license or has a creator I can contact and ask their permission to use their images. Depiction of tokyo. This image will be to support William Gibsons depiction of Tokyo as a luminous structure of lego blocks.

Night view from Westin Tokyo
Night view from Westin Tokyo by Joi Ito – found on flickr

This image in particular emphasises the lego block structure, it’s not too complicated or overpowering for a first image. Kawaii Culture. “Taking influence from Japanese animation and manga…” only enough time to use one image to support this so it needs to be a good one.

Anime Girls by *Endless-Summer181 found on dA

This image features a rane of the most popular anime girls. However my audience don’t know they are not all from the same show. I should try and use an image that follows on style from the previous one, creating a flow. In the west our experience on anime is limited. Maybe I should choose an iconic anime show and use an image from that, for example pokemon, I’m assuming most of the people in the symposium will have watched pokemon as a child or have young family friends/ children who have watched it.

Ash + Dawn relaxing by ~MiasOtherFanart. Found on dA
PKMN V – Ash, Max, and Brock by ~Blue90. Found on dA

Why choose one anime where their is fan art like this..

Commission: Amecon by *LuluSeason. Found on dA

Or something undeniably cute and girly. A recent anime which encompasses all aspects of Kawaii culture. Now onto defining Kawaii Culture, the most shocking way is through fashion, I could show photos of stickers and plushies, but the thing that makes Kawaii culture different to most is the ages group, young women. So by putting that age stamp on it visually it has more of impact. I’ve always loved the work of Tokyo Fashion Blog. A great eclectic range of young peoples fashions in Tokyo. By using one persons work I can maintain the consistency. an example… Now onto Otaku culture. I am talking about the male gaze and sex here so I need supporting images. I have to admit I am looking at extremes of both, I haven’t got time to explain every aspect of both cultures in 10 minutes. The first imagery that springs to mind is the imagery I used in my Otaku Sanctuaries project. Otaku rooms filled with figurines and then some close up shots of indecent figures.

The remaining images are all advertisements I’ve looked at before and the work I will be talking about. Here is the first draft of my slides.

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