Final piece first ideas

I’m a bit lost with my final piece. I know I want to develop my project from Phonar ‘Otaku Sanctuaries’ but I am keen to get back into producing photos. I know my target audience is online, so one major part of my final piece will be developing audiences and interaction online. Making a project that will be my launch pad into the world. But I don’t know which direction to push the project in, I think before I come up with an idea I need to think about these things…

How will I make it accessible?
Will it live on a website? and if so which website? as downloadable content? as an app?

Who will be my audience?

What will my project try to say?
It’s always important for me that my work say something, making  a comment on society or a person, I want it to impact people, not simply encourage what they already know. But what exactly I want to prove a point about it something I have to work out.

In a non-virtual world where would my project live?
No clue yet

What do I think my struggles will be?
Getting the balance between a fan and a professional. It’s an important balance, get it right and it could be a great career move. But how do I get the right balance where I am considered someone who is passionate about the subject, but gain enough respect to be able to profit from my work? and not get shrugged of as just a fan.


I know I want the project to be transmedia. And before i begin I want to explore this more. What’s the purpose of doing transmedia? and what are the benefits, I feel like I scratched the surface with my last project but didn’t dig any deeper, I told other peoples stories but still did the project by myself. I want to open up more.

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