Symposium first presentation feedback

I had my first practice of my symposium this week, and it was nerve racking. I’m confident within my idea but as soon as I get up in front of people I just turn into a robot, no emotion just reading off a piece of paper. Despite this it went quite well, my talk ran just over 11 minutes which isn’t too bad, but might need a tiny bit of snipping.

One thing Shaun Hydes said was to, if I had time, add in some theory about the uncanny. Uncanny as a word means something different to the theory, he basically explained Uncanny within media is something that doesn’t quite sit right. He used the example of the Kawaii girls, they are uncanny, teenagers dressed in childish clothing has something strange about it. I then thought this would link back to Moriko Mori’s image with the silver suit, the suit makes it uncanny, it’s the object that makes it slightly strange and makes us uncomfortable enough to question it. It’s a point I was getting at but didn’t know the official terminology. I will look into the origins of Uncanny and decided wether it’s relevant or distracting. I need to be quite harsh as it’s already 11 minutes long, so it needs to be relevant enough to mean I take something else out.

Oli suggested I comment on the scale of Kawaii culture, to allow people to realise I am not talking about a few people but a massive culture that has spread out of Japan.

Shaun Hydes also said my strongest point is my conclusion, explaining my changed understanding of myself and culture. So to maybe emphasise that more.

Other than that it went really well. I think I have a few tweaks to make and then I can start learning it and practicing my presentation skills, which will be the hardest bit for me. I’m confident in my work, just not confident in my public speaking skills. By tuesday I will have my final written symposium talk.

I will then spend a week reading and reading and speaking the script. Then turn it into notes, and spend 2 weeks practicing from my notes. Listening back to myself talking and working out what needs more emphasis.

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