brainstorm round 2

Yesterday we repeated last weeks brainstorm session with a more focussed idea on our project and attempting to workout what our product is.

I realised that while I want to explore fandom and obsession i don’t want to simply make a documentary piece on it. I was to be making some sort of social comment. In a way I will be bringing together my phonar final piece with the ideas I discuss in my symposium. Forcing myself to pick holes in the culture I love, so i can both point out the flaws and the positive aspects. My classmates suggested one way to start might be to analyse the work of artists in Bye Bye Kitty, the exhibition I am looking at for my symposium. Pick apart their work which makes comments on the society the live and analyse their techniques, how have they done created pieces that have meaning and strong impact? I also want to look at the obsession side

Breaking it down there seems to be 3 part of my idea…

Fandom like religion (using catholic imagery, David LaChapelle & Pierre et Gilles influence, religion and pop culture)
Photograph as an alternate reality – fiction photography (influenced by Ernie Cline’s book ready player one)
Social commentary, more than just a pretty picture (I guess this could relate to the religious side of it, making a comment that everyone has their own god, just in different forms)

I feel that I am trying to jump the gun with the whole religious aspect, i should keep it in mind but why am I thinking of the representation in the end product when I don’t know where I am starting. I should keep it in mind but establish the project concept and do some more research before jumping to this conclusion.

So fiction… I have been thinking about the photograph as an alternate reality for a while, it was my original intent for my symposium, but I knew I was wording it wrong and after months of research had nothing to support this. Until I read Ernie Clines book Ready Player One, you can read more about what I discovered in my previous blog post here. In summary we have fiction books they give us a make believe character and their make believe story and world, presenting us with an alternate reality written in the pages of a book. This is recognised within film and gaming too, creating alternate realities, but why not photography? I want to create image that are like fiction books, they are alternate realities telling the story of a make believe character. The way that jump to mind in regard to doing this is collaborating, maybe there is a reason photography is never considered fiction, because photographs are static, they aren’t in place long enough for someone to get immersed in the character in their story. If I took influence from Phonar and did a transmedia project I could open this up to all doors, writing, art, textiles etc.

I had an idea for a project before, Doing a fandom project. However I don’t think searching for loads and loads of people to do one giant project would be beneficial. I think I need to aim to work with one individual in particular so we can build a proper relationship and form a proper story/ project. With my recent admiration for books what springs to mind is fan fiction. I think before I jump to a full project proposal I need to do some more research into fan fiction, see where the best forums are, and if there is any fan fic writing in particular who’s stories I am drawn to, instead of opening up to everyone I hope to find one person in particular I could work with. In my head I see a collaboration, creating a series of characters together, myself then taking on the photographic side of their story and the writer turning our ideas into a short book. I have to bear in mind that this project needs to be completed in 3 months ready to exhibit for the degree show, this isn’t long to create a story and produce work around it.

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