Conversations with Brad Fulton

I came across Brad Futon’s work a few days ago and emailed him instantly asking him this…

Dear Brad Fulton,

I’m a photography student studying in Coventry, UK. As I approach my final piece for University I am really interested in exploring the photograph as an instant book, fiction photography if you like. Using the photo to create an alternate reality. I have never understood why photography hasn’t got a “fiction” genre as such. I am inspired by comics, sci-fi and anime and am hoping my final piece will draw inspiration from all of those and manage to tell a story within one frame. Your work quite openly tackles this in regards to your ‘single frame cinema’ and your science fiction work. I was wondering if you had any advise with how to successfully tell a fictional story within one image? 

His Reply…

Hello Daisy.
A true pleasure to receive your wonderful email.  I appreciate others who have a strong interest in visual storytelling.
To be honest–my desire to tell a story within a frame came from my filmmaking background–and my frequent disgust with the time and hassle connected with making a film (producer, budget, wardrobe, talent etc…). I believed I could do it all myself with a still camera –and get my ideas across.
The most important aspect of visual storytelling is the atmosphere–and many intangible emotions can be realized or experienced if you can concentrate on soaking in the atmosphere of the setting for your image.
It sounds complex, but just for example–in the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland , Walt Disney ordered that the attraction never should be dusted–for the dusty atmosphere would increase the emotional impact of the ride.
Take that example and relate it to your images. Make the image FEEL — 
Hope you have great success and achieve all of your goals
Take care, 
See Brad’s work here
I really like the example Brad used, the haunted rolar coaster. Learning how to give an object more of an atmosphere is something that needs to be considered with photography. It’s also something I need to work on.

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