Initial Image

My feedback from Shaun Hydes suggested having an opening image so that when I’m talking about my position as a fan and the consumerist relationship between the West and the Orient people have something to look at. I initially thought about finding images online, something to back up my area of love. After hours of watching rubbish videos I decided I should produce my own work. What better way to establish myself as a fan than to prove it visually. I thought about the images I took for research in Phonar…

Then I realised these don’t enforce it enough. So I began to think about the authorities I think inform me, Sanrio. I collected all of my Hello Kitty merch and laid it out on my floor. Although it is a lot it doesn’t look like alot in this image it is.

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 17.18.28

I need to think more about how to display my collection. JeongMee Yoon’s work sprung to mind, incude myself in the work. What if I wore everything Hello Kitty, sitting in my room on my bed surrounded by anime posters with all my other Hello Kitty belongings surrounding me? I will atempt this tomorrow and hopefully it will put my message across right. (No where near expecting my work to be as over the top as this work, but it’s a starting point.)

©JeongMee Yoon

UPDATE – 7/2/2013 @ 16:30
As I was preparing myself for this shoot I realised I was giving myself unnecessary work. I have multiple online platforms I used in order to “Geek Out” so why not just some of my images from that? people don’t want to see some master piece, I just need images thats support what I’m saying. I went through my instagram and selected relevant photos. Here is my end result…

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 15.50.34using images of myself. Hello Kitty. King Kong, anime and cosplay tos upport my ideas about myself being a fan and the west having a consumer view. Everything I see as being unique or new to me, is mainstream in Japan.


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