Expected questions

I want to try and pick holes in my talk, see where there might be unanswered questions or points that cause debate/ needs further explanation.

Aida in role of Pervert?

Mentioned other ways to provoke change. Example?
Miwa Yagani – Bye Bye Kitty photographer. Manipulates time. Predicting future to make us think about where society will be in the future.

Thoughts of Murakami’s superflat world?
Although it is true, I don’t agree with Murakmi’s ironic take on it. He points out the floor in society then enforces it. His work is making a comment on things like disney but they makes is accessable on every platform and plasters the image all over a luis Vuitton bag.

Aida and men in condition of pervert?
Aida produced a piece which was purposely positioning himself as a pervert. He produced an hour long video of himself masturbating to the Japanese characters for “pretty young girls” to bring the position of the pervert to the forefront.

The activists are equally trying to make money off there work, just like the advertisers. What makes that okay?
It’s more about the ideas they are trying to sell than the fact they are selling so much. The activist work is selling an idea that provoke change, whereas the advertisers are selling ideas that shouldn’t be acceptable in society.

Is there any point trying to confront it if it’s so dense?
Yes, for many reasons. Mostly because it’s beneficial to yourself. Whats the point in making images that everyone expects to see that are just created to make money? Challenging yourself and your environment is always beneficial.

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