Major idea development

Being stumped for development ideas for the last week suddenly caught up with. Whilst trying to sleep I couldn’t think of anything but the final piece. I had to write these thoughts down just so I would be able to go to sleep. These are my scribblings…

imageBear in mind the notes were made at 1am so might not make sense. The notes came from my want to produce fiction photographs which I have been exploring recently. I am going to attempt to break them down and create for sense of them…

Visual Styling
Taking influence from sci-fi films (and book covers), anime and East Asian Cinema. – Strong focus on colours and beauty. On the surface create something visually stunning but then and content to it through the story. I want to take story elements from anime and sci-fi too. Create a deadpan character, an outsider, no hint to if they are alien, robot or something else, but they are different. RESEARCH FREUDS UNCANNY. From anime I also want to take the idea of the doll, expressionless face, glazed over eyes.

Character should seem like an outsider looking in on our consumerist world. Maybe not the world as it stands today but a future projections of mine. The character will go on a journey, first seeing this world, trying to find it’s identity… (needs to be developed.) I also want glass/surface to be a key component. The character is an outsider (a different race) the glass is a portal? the glass is also a metaphor for the doll comparison and the way consumerism tries to contain us. To get home she needs to get past the glass (not literally). SELF PORTRAITS – my preferred way to work, involves myself in all the process. Important to me.

Composition ideas –
– Girl with head against shop window, photo taken from otherside of glass, tight crop, Blue,pink, yellow and purple colours. (not all 4, a selection of a few)
– Dressing table mirror that allows you to see loads of your sides at same time. Shot so the camera is in the position of the girl looking in the mirror. We are in the girls position.

Playing on the importance of glass. I wanted a traditional lightbox it compliment the colours and glass elements also I am purposely producing the images as digital, when I take and edit them I see them with a light behind, seems natural to display them like this too, but then I though for such beautful, delicate images I don’t want to put them in a clumpy box. How else can I display them?

glass sandwhichThis is a basic diagram of what i see in my head. A glass sandwich. The Image will be printed on some sort of semi-transparent material (silk or acetate spring to mind) and sandwiched between 2 sheets of thin glass. The only problem would be how to get light behind it and how to hand it? I want to avoid putting a box around it but it still needs to be off the wall to allow for back light and emphasise the clinical aspect of the character. Needs a lot of testing and development. Also needs to be battery powered, i don’t want any wires anywhere.

Image titles
I have alreayd decided the images will have the characters name followed by a number. I am creating this piece as fiction photography, the numbers would represent the same as a chapter title in a book. A place in the story. This also takes influence from William Gibsons’ pattern recognition book, in which a viral video is released in random scenes, 50 might be released before 3 and so on. This gives me room to continue the series over the years and you never know it might have the same success in the video in Gibsons book and the disjointed narrative create some hype around the next release and where it will come in the story.
E.g. say I called the character Betty the first three images might be called.
Betty #056
Betty #003
Betty #112

To research now…

– Freuds uncanny – I wanted to use this theory in my symposium but didn’t have time. See how I can add that strange element to my work that doesn’t quite sit right.
– Fifth Element – re-watch and take inspiration from Leeloo for the protagonist.
– Watch Air Doll/ Mannequinn – Deadpan girls who have come to life in a strange world.
– Get recommendations from spencer on the most beautiful east asia films.
– Get in the studio – practice with light gels and reflections on glass.

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