Note cards & Recorded practice

I’ve been practicing and practicing over and over from my script for the last 3 weeks. Today I practiced for the first time from my notes, I’ve moved onto this stage because I feel as though I am confident with the content, I might forget whats next but with a quick glimpse at my cards I am instantly reminded. Today I have also been consciously thinking about the way I am speaking. On a friends advice I have been practicing in the mirror. it has been really beneficial. I realised that I wasn’t even thinking about what I was saying I was just churning out information with no emotions. So this time i tried really hard to make it a bit more casual (but not too casual) and be over expressive.

You can tell I am not comfortable to start with, but as soon as I tart talking about Kawaii culture I begin to relax, it’s a subject I know like the back of my hand so it was a good idea to talk about this first. It will hopefully balance out the nerves. I still listen to it and don’t feel much emotion, when I am talking it I feel as though I am being really energetic but it doesn’t come across that way. That’s something to work on.

At a first attempt from my notes it isn’t bad. I have learnt the wording of the script in order to have a fall back. If all else fales from my notes I can recite my script word for word. But I aim to be more casual. Doing it in a less formal way also made me feel more confident and comfortable. As it develops I get more and more comfortable.

Some people might see it as a bad thing knowing the original script so well, but for me it isn’t I am now so confident in knowing it I can begin to focus on the presentation, which is my down side. I will practice every hour from now until bed then again tomorrow and upload another audio file to see how I’ve improved. Then move onto video and work on making eye contact.

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