Little Brother – Corey Doctorow

Yesterday I finished Cory Doctorow’s book little brother. My mind is going crazy with conspiracy about privacy and proud of the little guys result. Wether it be coincidence or not I also saw an episode of “Person Of Interest” for the first time on the same day. Spooky. Both texts are about how post 9/11 American government covered its cities in surveillance, with face recognition, tracking every movement in order to highlight terrorists. Both stories spiral off in totally different directions after this but it seems strange I was fluxed with all this “conspiracy” (I use the term loosely) within such a short amount of time. Or maybe I’ve seen it before but until reading Doctorow’s book I just didn’t care enough. I’ve heard the government are watching us, but I’ve never taken a moment to stop and think about it before. Technology can be used to take away our privacy, but it can also be used to empower us. That’s what i love about Doctorow’s book. You can be anyone, but as long as you have access to the internet you can teach yourself all the coding in the world, and suddenly have great power/influence, something which has never been available before. here are some of my notes from the book. I recommend it to EVERYONE it’s key to understand these things as they will soon be a reality (hopefully not) but some would argue they already are.

  1. Actually enjoy travelling on trains 🙂 let the reading commence #corydoctorow #littlebrotherbooknotes
  2. “We googled you, you know. You’ve posted a lot of very ugly stuff on the public Internet.” #littlebrotherbooknotes #corydoctorow p.49
  3. “I was tapped. Everyone might be tapped. The world had changed forever.” #corydoctorow #littlebrotherbooknotes p.86
  4. “Never underestimate the determination of a kid who is time-rich and cash-poor.” #corydoctorow #littlebrotherbooknotes p.87
  5. “This is why I loved technology: if you used it right, it could give you power and privacy.” #corydoctorow #littlebrotherbooknotes p.88
  6. “If you’re not fighting them, you’re helping them… they’ll turn the country into a prison if we let them.” #littlebrotherbooknotes p.127
  7. “The surveillance in Britain makes America look like amateur hour.” #littlebrotherbooknotes #corydoctorow p.142
  8. “That’s called “transitive trust” – trust that moves across the web of our relationships.” #littlebrotherbooknotes #corydoctorow p.153
  9. #littlebrotherbooknotes #corydoctorow p.180 the Declaration of Independence. Mans right to “abolish” government if it becomes destructive.
  10. “> Don’t get caught. Stay free. Stay paranoid. > Dr Eeevil.” #littlebrotherbooknotes #corydoctorow p.204

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