I’ve always known that my life might seem a little contradictory at times. I wear pink and like cute things yet I listen to heavy metal. I listen to extremes of music, from Steps and Jedward to Atreyu and bring me the horizon. I never used to admit it, but doing my symposium forced me to realise sometime I can have tendencies to contradict myself. I use the word contradict with remorse, I hate that word. Contradict has negative connotations, and it’s often used against me because I don’t fit into one box that society expects me to. This isn’t pre-planned it’s just the way I am, and I don’t see it as a negative thing. With photography I buy the advertised products but aim to make work that tells other people not to.

Makoto Aida uses himself as an example through his work. He see’s men have a problem in Japan with sexualising adolescents but admits that he is part of that. he uses his role to point this out. I explored this in my symposium, which you can see here. What if I did the same? use my self and my work as a way of not only pointing out flaws in others but in myself. I don’t want to pretend I am this activist who only buys from label less clothes charity shops, because i’m not. Maybe I would like to be but it isn’t in my nature, I like products and I enjoy consumer habits.

In my final piece I want to create a character (still focusing on the fiction element, taking influence form sci-fi) who is a reflection of myself. A character I use that I relate to and other people can relate to. Someone that works in the same way Adia uses his work, make an example of myself as someone who battles between activism and consumerism. I’m not sure how I will do this, it needs a lot more thought.

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