Jon Levy: Task 2

This weeks task is all about words. This is what we have been set by Jon Levy.

Ideas are the seeds to new photographs.
 This week I will be looking at the photography you have already made, planned and is in progress.
I want to have a brief description in words (no more than 200 words!) of a project that you have started or are intending to start.
This is not a pitch but rather a brain storming exercise in words and discussion between myself and each student as to what they want to accomplish in a particular project and how to set about it or push forward with a project that is already in progress.
Please have prepared:
A brief description in words of your project (no more than 200 words!)
A list of 5 bullet points of which images you feel you wish to make to help complete this project
The project can be something you are half way through or simply one that you hope one day to be able to embark on. A project can be interpreted in the widest possible way to include a photo story series on a particular subject or a desire to make one single significant and important image. Even as a one image “project” I want to see five possible leads as bullet points as to how you will achieve this and where, how you intend to make it happen.
Fortunately I’ve already been developing my idea quite a bit, but before I begin to tackle my 200 words I want to do some more research. Accumulate everything I have so I can produce a statement that won’t vary to much once it’s been discussed. I don’t want to write up my first idea then get a advice on it fully aware I will probably change the idea completely as my project develops.

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