Week 2 with Jon Levy. My notes.

This week we managed to successfully record our conversations with Jon Levy in regards to our 200 word descriptions and future plans for our final piece. You can see my 200 words by clicking the link below.

Daisy Ware-Jarrett Task 2

This is mine and Alex’s conversation with Jon Levy, I have left Alex’s in because Jon has asked us to do some research work together.

From my original notes and re-listening to the audio Jon Levy has really helped me with where to go now. As we started we talked about my old work which I had sent him, he immediately pointed out how different it was to the work I aimed to be making which we discussed last week. He pointed out it has similar themes but has been condensed down into one object which is sometimes appropriate but other times is a little safe. He said they were zen like and over simplistic.

His advise was that I should push myself out of my comfort zone, my work seems to be like the poster for the film rather than then film itself. My task now is to “give people the full space to enjoy it”. This project cannot come to a conclusion, that is the beauty of it, it will be an ongoing story for the rest of my life and I will never fit into one box or the other.

We also talked quite a lot about my struggle with deciding to produce studio shots with no context or to use the realness of the street to make my work relatable. Jon pointed out I don’t need to choose one or the other. If we think about it the studio is the place for consumerism, and the street is the place for activism. So why don’t I utilise this as a battleground? For example reproduce the image from my series Digital Rest on the street as a first sketch, see how much different it makes from the studio images. Then work out which is more appropriate or if both are.

In regards to working with Alex we are both exploring similar worlds, reality and fantasy. Hoever we will have very different end products, Alex will be almost documenting individuals relationship with fantasy and reality whereas I will be translating fantasy elements into real life to make a comment on society. For this reason we should both be helping each other, getting advice about our images. We both decided we should go into town in costumes, we both have costumes but have never worn them in a public space where other people aren’t dressed up too. Documenting our day out would let me explore how the public react to me dressed up and working out which locations would be relevant if I wanted to shoot outside.

I was also listening to Jon talk to the first group and heard him talk about keeping a physical mood board, collecting inspiration and gathering resource. I think this would be beneficial to me too, but producing an online mood board. I will now label all my bits of research which could inspire me mood board so that I can look back on it in the future and maybe make a virtual mood board somehow.

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