Content vs Styling

For the first time I find myself thinking about styling as well as content. Usually I think about that last minute and see what happens, thats a habit i’m trying to prevent this time by thinking about it earlier on. Mainly because it will play a bit part in reflecting the content.

My content: what am I saying?
Tension of an activist poisoned by consumerism. How do I show this? wearing anti consumerism t-shirt holding protest plaque but sitting in Macdonalds? (not a good idea that I will use but it gets my point across) My images have to have contradiction in them. Contradiction is the key to discussing my struggle to be an activist but being poisoned by consumerism.

My styling: how am I saying it?
This si why I’ve been looking at the authenticity of the snapshot and thinking about how sometimes allowing randomness can add the sense of reality photography sometimes needs and benefits from. Under styling also comes the character design which is also very important, I have already looked at Fifth element in order to get inspiration.

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