Proposal round 2

I want to break down each learning outcome so I can be precise in my writing. The headers are always written in a way that means they need a lot of breaking down and rewriting to relate it to your own topic.

1 Demonstrate advanced research skills, creating a viable and relevant basis for their project
I guess this would be talking about the background, where has this idea come from, why is it a good enough idea to be a final project and why it matters to myself and others.
I have to show that the project is realistic within my time frame and budget and the way I want to tackle it is appropriate to my chosen audience also crosses over with the first point, why does it matter?

2 Apply critical analysis when communicating themes and ideas about professional photography clearly and comprehensively in visual, and written forms
What are the themes and idea in my project? (present it in a professional way) why do they matter? How am I going to tackle this theme in my research and my images?


3 Develop their professional independence by defining their own position clearly, with respect to existing bodies of knowledge and practice
Where do I stand/ Whats my professional opinion. How does this relate to others? kind of ties in with the first LO in regards to evidencing research, but taking it to the next level. Who do I agree with who is strongly influencing my work?

4 Evidence a continued professional commitment to the evolution of their practice
This was the section I have struggled with and none of my previous draft could fir into this paragraph. I assume it would mean giving the project substance, what form will it take and where is it going after the hand in? how will it help me grow/ reach my desired area?

It’s a lot to fit into 500 words, but I guess I need to rewrite my draft so I have a good paragraph for each section and then I can work on the wording and making sure I am authoritative, that’s also something my draft was lacking. I also need to start with and Introduction, something that isn’t really outlined in the headers, just an opening line about the project/ my work.

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