Interchangeable identity

I have been avoiding developing my character for the images along with the narrative, but time has become so tight that I cannot avoid it any more.

One of the key elements in pop culture and mass media culture is transmedia and using iconography. Icons transcend over all platforms and are rehashed and remade by companies and fans. This is where fan art/fiction stems from, taking aspects of a media you love then adding your own spin on them. This was bought to my attention through my mood board, it was theme I didn’t take forward from phonar but I have felt my project is lacking in some direction and I think this could be the idea to push it forward. So I want to use iconography combined with the styling elements I have been looking at to comment on the superflat nature of society

See my superflat notes from the symposium here.

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 13.42.44

I looked briefly at how David LaChapelle and Pierre et Gilles reference religious iconography in their work. For the next few days I will be researching how popular culture utilizes characters that are interchangeable spreading across all platforms so that in turn I can create my own interchangeable character.

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